Giving Compass' Take:

• Florida is under fire for having a bill under consideration by lawmakers that would would place a five year suspension on municipalities' banning of plastic straws.

• It is ironic that a ocean state would try to hinder the banning of plastic straws. How can donors drive support and action to policymakers in Florida who support the environmental banning of plastic straws? 

• Here are 7 eco-friendly alternatives to plastic straws to help save our oceans. 

In the growing war against the environmental impact of plastic, Florida seems to be taking a giant step backwards by pushing legislation that would stop local authorities from banning plastic straws, a move that has, not surprisingly, angered many environmentalists.

The bill, under consideration by lawmakers, would place a five-year suspension on municipalities’ banning of plastic straws, pending a study from the Florida department of environmental protection.

Calling the banning of plastic straws “government overreach”, the Florida state senator Travis Hutson also amended the bill to create a $25,000 fine for local governments that regulate the material and another ban on municipal regulation of sunscreens that harm coral reefs, the Miami Herald reported.

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