Giving Compass' Take:

• Pamela Telen, writing for EdSurge, describes the four primary strategies for choosing edtech resources for the classroom. 

• Why is it important that educators tailor edtech tools to classrooms? How will these resources advance personalized learning?

• Read about why the best edtech tool is an empowered teacher. 

With the continued funding challenges educators face, it’s crucial to pick an education resource that will yield the best return on investment and support learning outcomes for your district. Yet, with the wide variety of edtech resources available, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

3P Learning works with over five million students and educators across the globe, providing online learning solutions in math, science and literacy.

Through this work, we’ve developed four key strategies for choosing appropriate edtech resources.

  1.  Match available resources to your strategic goals: Every district has unique strategic goals. Ensure the resources you consider align with your district’s mission, vision and student learning objectives.
  2. Choose a company whose experience meets your needs: The edtech market is complex, which can make potential choices seem overwhelming. According to research from the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, 50 percent of teachers are uncomfortable using digital tools to meet student learning objectives.
  3. Empower your teachers with the right tools and support: Proper onboarding ensures teachers have the training and resources they need to get started. It is imperative to provide your teachers with flexible support and learning options.
  4. Leverage data to make your decision: Educators leverage data to personalize student learning and support school resourcing decisions. Ensure that the technology implemented in your organization provides robust reporting, with detail at a classroom, school and district level.

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