Giving Compass' Take:

• Grant Trahant reports that Give Lively is building free fundraising technology for nonprofits in order to boost their potential. 

• In general, the social sector is behind when it comes to technology. How can funders work to get the sector up to speed? 

• Learn about women and minorities building social tech companies

Meet Give Lively, a tech start-up that builds fundraising tech and gives it away to nonprofits for free. The Give Lively founders are philanthropists who have worked extensively with nonprofit organizations and seen first-hand the positive impact innovative tech can have on fundraising, at least for the nonprofits able to afford it.

Their fundraising technology come from three main products, which include:

  • Smart Donations: a smart, simple, and secure donation platform. Smart Donations can live as a standalone page, be embedded directly onto your website, or be accessed in an instant via text.
  • Small Token: a way to give a meaningful gift to a friend or loved one in the form of a donation to charity on their behalf.
  • Small Token Gift Registry: You can create a charitable gift registry that includes all of your favorite nonprofits and causes, then invite your friends and loved ones to donate on your behalf.

Other than the financial burden of fundraising technology, existing donor experiences are lacking critical components that make giving enjoyable for donors. The CEO was inspired to create a solution that responds to both the donation experience and cost of tech resources available to nonprofits. They set out to build this critical technology that nonprofits can utilize to accelerate their fundraising efforts and increase their overall impact.

For many of our nonprofit members, this is the first time they’ve had access to a mobile-friendly fundraising page, let alone a whole suite of enterprise-level fundraising features. Membership is free and non-contractual, so there are a ton of benefits with no catch for the nonprofits.

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