Giving Compass' Take:

• The Mission Continues, a national veterans’ nonprofit, is going to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day by initiating large-scale community service projects in various cities across the U.S.

• How can we start prioritizing large-scale service projects like this one throughout the year? 

• Read these tips on planning thoughtful service projects. 

Leading up to and on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, The Mission Continues, a national veterans’ nonprofit, will commemorate Dr. King’s legacy through large-scale community service. Veteran volunteers with the organization will apply their skills in over 45 cities nationwide to transform communities and create lasting impact.

A selection of these cities and their projects have been identified as representations of the core values Dr. King preached during the Civil Rights Movement: Nonviolence, Hope, Equality, Faith, Education, Love, Leadership and Selflessness.

The national Legacy of Service campaign will rally hundreds of empowered veterans, corporate partners and community volunteers with the common goal of improving underresourced communities at the local level. With dozens of causes at the center of the work, the projects will address timely community needs such as enhancing schools and learning environments for students, improving community gardens, cleaning up nature preserves and much more.

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