What does it mean for a vehicle to be emission-free?

Certainly, if you drive an electric car, that would do it, right? After all, there are no emissions coming out of the tailpipe; in fact, there is no tailpipe.

But, according to MANN+HUMMEL, a German producer of air filtration systems, that is not the whole story. Every vehicle produces emissions from tire, brake, and road abrasion. These are particulate emissions, which are some of the most dangerous when it comes to asthma and other health conditions.

The company has just launched a new fine particulate filter system that can be attached to a vehicle, making it truly emission-free. The filters will be attached to five electric StreetScooter test vehicles from the fleet of the Deutsche Post DHL Group in five different German cities. StreetScooter, which manufactures a variety of delivery vans, bikes, and trikes, is a subsidiary of the Deutsche Post DHO Group. The DHL fleet currently includes 5,000 StreetScooter delivery vehicles. StreetScooter is a subsidiary of the Deutsche Post DHO Group.

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