Is it possible to have human-led conversations at scale?

Katikati is a remote community feedback and engagement tool that allows for “configurable conversational journeys”. Born out of humanitarian work with UNICEF, Oxfam, and the Red Cross, Katikati’s software focuses on relationship-centered design with a new stance to machine assistance technologies, allowing users to connect live with human-led conversations at scale, creating conversational journeys in a technological platform.

Arnav Kapur of Katikati led an interactive session with LabStorm participants in attendees engaged in a real-time demonstration of the tool, seeing how the platform looks to both end-users and the staff behind the scenes. Participants provided feedback on key questions such as how to navigate the challenges of utilizing the platform as the user base grows and how to improve two-way conversational tools to receive and respond to feedback rather than one-way standard surveys. The group discussed how to make semi-automated conversations “personal”, how to prioritize conversations for response time, and how to make the platform customizable to serve the varied purposes for which organizations desire to use the platform to engage with those at the heart of their work.

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