Giving Compass' Take:

• Internet marketing expert Ari Monkarsh lists various fundraising techniques for nonprofits that diverge from the traditional methods, including a heavier use of social media and mobile apps.

• How many organizations are ready to fully integrate technology into their fundraising plans? Take a look at the list and see if it converges with your own strategies.

Here are some more tips for major gifts fundraising.

For philanthropies, raising more money is always an important part of what the organization is focusing on throughout the year. While many are fortunate enough to receive grants and large donations from people who support their cause, others are not so lucky. While it’s important that charities find ways to raise enough money to continue functioning, it can sometimes seem like they’re running out of ideas on how to do so. It’s normal to see various fundraising events every weekend, asking people to participate in a 5K run, buy some product, or some other common fundraiser. However, there are actually plenty of other ways to raise these funds.

Ask for monthly donations. People want to donate, but often forget to send a check each month, so giving the option of donating a customizable amount each month after giving their information once is a great way to increase giving.

Use social media. There are plenty of websites and apps out there, like GoFundMe, that make raising money for various causes easier than ever before. People want to be able to donate to causes they care about as easily as possible and doing it online takes a couple of minutes, if not less. Facebook Fundraisers is a method that’s increased in popularity and made it incredibly easy for nonprofits to get donations.

Take advantage of mobile opportunities. Many charities allow people to simply text a number and donate a certain amount of money that’s added to their phone bill or through their accounts connected to their phone. People love convenience and having a simply way to donate

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