Giving Compass' Take:

• Katerina Bozhinova reports that a nonprofit accelerator called Food System 6 hopes to impact our environment by helping agricultural entrepreneurs integrate waste prevention and other sustainable practices.

• What role can you play in improving the food system? 

• Read more about building a sustainable business model for our agricultural system.

Renske Lynde brings 20 years experience in food, agriculture, nutrition, and policy to the field of mission-driven food innovation. As a co-founder and managing director of the non-profit accelerator Food System 6 (FS6), Lynde guides food entrepreneurs who have the goal to transform the current food system. Innovators receive mentorship, access to a broad contact network, and innovative financing to devise impactful solutions for the environment and society.

Lynde formerly worked at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy and she currently manages a portfolio of 23 for-profit and non-profit food system innovators.

At Food System 6, Lynde brings small groups of entrepreneurs together in a cohort for four months. Each cohort receives mentoring, education, and networking opportunities, as well as customized support. Entrepreneurs attend group sessions to learn and practice storytelling, public speaking, investor relations, food diversity, and other topics. The accelerator extends its support beyond the four-month cohort sessions and works with the entrepreneurs for two or three years to ensure their success.

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