Giving Compass' Take:

• Joe Pheonix, co-founder and CEO of Givinga, discusses an idea to build customized giving strategies for companies to increase accountability and transparency. 

• How can donors help inform companies about philanthropic investments? What partnerships can you engage in to this end? 

• Here is what to expect in 2019 with corporate social responsibility. 

As a part of my series about “Big Ideas That Might Change the World in The Next Few Years” I had the pleasure of interviewing Joe Phoenix, Co-founder, and CEO of Givinga, a financial technology company that custom designs corporate giving platforms enabling companies of any size to improve workplace giving and amplify impact.

Can you tell us about your “Big Idea That Might Change the World”?

We build customized giving strategies for companies. What I love about the idea right now is that companies of all sizes are searching for ways to differentiate their brand and project this into the marketplace. Employees are demanding more accountability and transparency from their employers and companies are realizing that the old ways of communicating are no longer working.

How do you think this will change the world?

To be honest, we never thought about changing the world but we have thought a lot about changing the way companies, and individuals think about giving. Philanthropic giving- which I define as proactive and strategic- has been confined to the largest donors who can afford the resources required to be truly philanthropic.

What do you need to lead this idea to widespread adoption?

We need companies to look at philanthropy as an investment in their communities, employees, and brands and to think about giving as an integral and measurable part of overall corporate strategy.

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