Giving Compass' Take:

• Here are six ways that individuals can positively impact their communities, mainly through volunteering, donating, donation pickup, and supporting small businesses. 

• How can charitable giving can boost community development and empowerment during this time? 

• Find volunteer opportunities amid COVID-19. 

Being a positive influence in our community only requires simple, generous habits. The more that generosity is part of our everyday lives, the more of a positive impact we can have on our community. Here are six habits that if you start to do consistently, the world around you will become a little brighter each time.


Spending some time volunteering can help to lift your community by providing assistance and fulfilling different needs.

Clean Up

This simple, quick habit is a great way to have a positive impact on your community. Whether it’s cleaning up after your meal at a restaurant or picking up trash you spotted on the sidewalk, a clean community has positive effects on the behaviors of its citizens.

Write Positive Reviews About Small Businesses

Show your appreciation for your favorite local restaurant, dance studio, grocery store, barber shop, clothing boutique, and so on by writing a positive review of them online.

Donate Supplies to a Classroom

One area that your community may be lacking in is providing sufficient funding for local schools.

Send Letters

Sitting down to write an old fashion letter brings with it many benefits. Physical letters provide their receivers with a pleasant surprise among the mundane bills and credit card promotions.

Provide Food

Donating food is a great habit to cultivate because there are plenty of places and people in your community in need of food donations. These places include food banks, soup kitchens, women and children’s shelters, food-insecure school children, and even animal shelters.

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