One of the most difficult problems for nonprofits to tackle is the problem of donor retention rates. Most nonprofits set retention goals but have difficulty achieving them.

The solution to low donor retention rates is simpler than you think. In fact, you probably already know about it! You just need to find ways to sincerely and frequently show your donors how much you appreciate their support, and they will keep coming back to participate in events and fundraising campaigns!

To accomplish your retention goals, you should incorporate the simple Golden Rule into your existing fundraising strategies, especially your matching gift process.

Here are 5 simple strategies you can incorporate into your matching gift process from beginning to end to improve your overall donor retention:

  1. Market matching gifts as universally beneficial.
  2. Process matching gift requests expediently.
  3. Combine matching gift asks with thank-you messages.
  4. Let donors know when their company’s matching gift arrives.
  5. Use matching gift updates to stay in touch with donors.

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