One of the most pressing issues I would like to see solved is the preservation of farming in Washington. This requires maintaining land for farming and making sure there is a next generation of farmers to take the reins. We also have many small immigrant-run farms in less rural areas. These farmers need help to be connected to networks that can help them problem solve, and provide education on how to run a successful business and sell in local markets.

I’m helping make a better food system by working collaboratively with stakeholders, policymakers, and departments to identify what our food system is and how we can better connect resources and align policies to make growth, production, delivery, and sales of food easier, more sustainable, and lucrative.

Right now, I am working with a group called the Food Policy Forum. It’s a voluntary group of agricultural interest groups, state and local agencies and departments, businesses, hunger and nutrition coalitions, and elected officials working to identify common goals and policy recommendations.

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