The holiday season is finally here, which means spending quality time with family and friends, spreading good cheer and goodwill, and ... rushing to find the best shopping deals imaginable.

DoneGood, a tech startup that launched last year out of the Harvard Innovation Lab, rolled out a new site recently that helps people find ethical and sustainable alternatives to products typically purchased from corporate giants. The idea is that you're looking to purchase these products anyway — why not buy them from companies you'll feel good about supporting?

For example, you can find a hoodie that empowers workers in Peru and Uganda with wages that are 10 times the average, eco-friendly toothbrushes that help fight climate change, or earrings that help local artisans in India and Pakistan break the cycle of poverty.

The site clearly labels the kinds of impact each product has — such as empowering workers, being eco-friendly, coming from a business owned by women and people of color — and also offers exclusive discounts, so you can save money while you make a difference.

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