Borealis Philanthropy announced the launch of the Racial Equity in Journalism Fund, which will invest in news organizations strengthening inclusivity in civic news and decreasing disinformation. The Racial Equity in Journalism Fund seeks to bolster the capacity and sustainability of news organizations led by people of color and partners in equity to increase civic engagement for communities of color.

The imperative for this Fund is clear: data from the Foundation Center analyzed by Democracy Fund shows that between 2009 and 2015, only 6% of the $1.2 billion in grants invested in journalism, news, and information in the United States went towards efforts serving specific racial and ethnic groups and only 7% went towards efforts serving economically disadvantaged populations.

To date, the Fund has raised $3.6 million and will begin making grants in the first quarter of 2020. In particular, the Fund will prioritize:

  • Organizations with a depth and length of commitment to community engagement
  • Efforts to provide timely and important news to communities most underserved and facing the greatest barriers in receiving public affairs information
  • Organizations developing creative and innovative ways to reach the communities they serve

Read the full article about the Racial Equity in Journalism Fund at Borealis Philanthropy.