Society has viewed Philanthropy and civil society as two opposite sides of a coin yet they have a partnership role to play in complementing and supporting each other.

I share my key learnings not just for me to take back home and support the philanthropy sector to respond, but also as a call to action to the philanthropy sector to take up the challenge towards building civic space globally.

#Key learning one: Philanthropy can support civil society sector redefine its relevance in development today: with reduced international funding, changes in global interest, growing civic awareness among citizens, changing sector regulations, growth of social investments – the traditional role of civil society is challenged and threatened in some cases.

#Key-learning two: Philanthropy must use its unique flexibility to advance civil society innovations and support civil society in breaking new grounds of development models.

#Key-learning three: Philanthropy must embrace its power to engage government on the platform of resourcing development.

#Key-learning four: Philanthropy should build on the existing narrative and bring to light the role CSOs play in reaching communities:  the underprivileged, the unreached, the vulnerable… get into the development cycle and the larger community embraces them to become part of it. This is because a civil society organization reached out to them and empowered them to become.

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