Our democracy is at a crossroads. Nearly 70 percent of Americans say false news and information impact their confidence in government institutions. Individuals are reluctant to provide information for the U.S. census, and many Americans are frustrated by racism negatively affecting our democracy’s strength.

This is only a brief overview of some of the challenges that American democracy faces. And yet democracy is absolutely essential to the United States. So how do we improve our process and engagement? Although philanthropy has come under fire for its role in driving wealth inequality, there is still a path forward for donors. Learn more about ways you can support and strengthen democratic systems in the United States.


Democracy Requires a Strong Fourth Estate
Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement via Medium
The free press is an essential part of our checks and balances system. Find out how funders are supporting journalism.

Building and Understanding Americans’ Trust in Facts and Democracy
Pew Research Center
How is misinformation affecting our democracy? Pew Research Center explores.

Why the 2020 Census is Critical
Southern California Grantmakers
Learn why an accurate count of the U.S. population impacts the future of educators, students, and entire communities.

The Untapped Potential for Civic Technology
The civic technology movement is inventing new ways to gather input, make decisions, and execute collective action.

Six Models for Understanding Impact in Funding Democracy
Democracy Fund
How can you determine if your dollars are making a difference? Start by thinking about what impact looks like in the first place.


Philanthropy in the Pursuit of Democracy: A Discussion Between Rob Reich and Jeff Raikes
Giving Compass
Stanford professor Rob Reich, and philanthropist Jeff Raikes, discuss philanthropy, policy, and how we all can promote a fair democracy.

New Profit’s Civic Lab Funds Democracy-Focused Nonprofits
Fast Company
New Profit recently selected seven social entrepreneurs for a new grant program that focuses on stimulating civic participation and engagement in communities.

Five Perspectives on Philanthropy and Democracy
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Thought leaders share their insights on how philanthropy can build the context to help democracy thrive.


Census 2020: Action Steps for Funders
Funders Network
Donors can take action immediately to engage with the 2020 Census by working to ensure that there is an accurate count.

Civic Engagement: Taking an Active Role in Democracy
Learn how donors can heal the nation’s civil fabric by meaningfully engaging in democratic processes and encouraging citizens to do the same.

Press Freedom: Protecting Your Right to be Informed
The Committee to Protect Journalists
Find actionable advice for donors who want to support press freedom and safety.