Giving Compass' Take:

• Grant Trahant, writing for Causeartist, compiles together the 6th edition of Social Entrepreneurs to watch out for over the next year. 

• How can donors learn from social entrepreneurs and vice versa? 

• Read about the competitive advantage of social enterprises. 

This will mark the 6th edition of our Social Entrepreneurs to watch for list.  Over the past five years I have had the great pleasure of speaking with over 400 social entrepreneurs while running Causeartist. It has been an amazing pleasure to watch many of these startups grow into companies and scale without losing their focus on impact.

Without further I do, I am pleased to introduce the 35 Social Entrepreneurs to watch for in 2019. Its always challenging to create this list, because there are so many incredible social entrepreneurs around the world.  Below are three entrepreneurs from that list.

  • Jazzmine Raine // Hara House: Jazzmine is a social entrepreneur and the co-founder of Hara House, north India’s first zero waste guesthouse located in Bikaner, Rajasthan, India. Hara House is a social enterprise that uses 20% of profits to provide resources and tools to youth to get involved in environmental action and access alternative forms of education.
  • Clarence Tan // Boddle Learning: Clarence is currently the Co-Founder & CEO at Boddle Learning, an edtech company, founded in 2018, that has developed a game-based learning platform that delivers e-learning materials to K-8 students in game-format to engage and motivate them in academics.
  • Peter Clarke // Cape Clasp: Patrick Clarke is from Boston, MA and founded a jewelry company called Cape Clasp. Cape Clasp was founded in 2013 by creating a bracelet shaped like Cape Cod. Through this humble beginning Patrick has went on to create a full fledged purpose-driven brand with a mission to #makewaves for marine life causes. For each of the companies designs, they partner with a different marine life organization and donate 15% of profits.

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