Giving Compass' Take:

• Carl Diesing, writing for PhilanTopic, describes marketing technology tools that nonprofit organizations can leverage to maximize their impact.

• Marketing tools for nonprofit organizations can be crucial for donor support and spreading information about products and services. How can nonprofit organizations better convey their marketing needs to donors?

• Read more about nonprofit marketing in the digital age. 

As we start a new year, marketing has never been more important for nonprofits. And when it comes to growing and expanding your audience, your nonprofit needs the right digital marketing strategy if wants to make progress.

Unfortunately, too many nonprofits struggle to maximize the impact of their marketing efforts c and often it's because those efforts are an incoherent, unfocused mess.

Perhaps most importantly, your digital marketing strategy should aim to "make your donor an action hero" (as fundraising consultant Claire Axelrad puts it) by centering his or her experience in your organization's broader work. Donor- and constituent-centric messaging can be extremely effective in motivating support and keeping audiences engaged with your mission. And the best way to ensure it does is to have a clear game plan at the start of the year and/or before each campaign is launched.

Here's a quick overview of the different categories of digital marketing vehicles and tools at your nonprofit's disposal:

  • Your organization's website.
  • Email and direct marketing.
  • Social tools.
  • Online marketing tools and techniques.

Although the categories above include the most important digital marketing tools and vehicles, you’ll get the biggest band for your buck by implementing two or more of them in combination. As we always tell clients, digital marketing works best — and the return on investment is greatest — when your tech and marketing actively support one another.

Read the full article about marketing technology for nonprofit organizations by Carl Diesing at PhilanTopic.