Giving Compass' Take:

· Global Citizen discusses the 17 specific Global Goals initiated by the United Nations to address the roots of poverty and explains how far we've come in the process of achieving them.

· Is it possible to achieve these goals by 2030? What can donors do to catalyze these efforts?  

· Luckily, the Sustainable Development Goals are gaining traction among many different groups of people.

It’s not often that politicians all agree on something. But in 2015, leaders from around the world joined together at the United Nations and agreed that we need to take action.

They created a plan to transform the world into one free of poverty and hunger, where every child can go to school, where oceans and forests will be around for future generations to enjoy, and where everyone is equal — all by the year 2030.

In order to realize that vision, they set 17 goals, known as the Sustainable Development Goals or Global Goals. And while 17 goals in 15 years certainly sounds ambitious, every one of those goals is crucial to ending extreme poverty by 2030.

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