Giving Compass' Take:

· A new survey of fintech companies shows what employees desire and value the most from employers: satisfactory pay, paid-for benefits and a respectful culture.

· How can funders help to spread effective solutions to improve the health and productivity of employees? How can the nonprofit sector benefit from these improvements? 

· Read more about corporate culture and why putting people first is good for business

When talk turns to employee perks at tech upstarts, the focus is frequently on beanbag chairs and pingpong tables.

But based on this year's Best Fintechs to Work For ranking, what fintech employees really want from their employers boils down to three things: satisfactory pay, paid-for benefits and a respectful culture. Along with stress relievers like dogs at work.

Fintech employees were asked to score their companies on leadership and planning; corporate culture and communications; role satisfaction, work environment; relationship with their supervisor; training, development and resources; pay and benefits; and overall engagement. Comparing the average scores of best fintechs to work for against the companies that didn’t make the list, the widest differences were in the categories of pay and benefits and a subset of corporate culture one might call “being treated with respect.”

Fun still counts — the companies that ranked highest scored much higher on a question about this than their lower-ranking counterparts — but it's not the biggest benchmark.

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