Giving Compass' Take:

• The 74 writes on recent polls showing millennials are more likely to support school choice. This seems to be because the freedom afforded to charter schools gives opportunities for innovation, creativity, and more out of the box thinking - all of which appeal to the millennial generation.  

• How can donors help drive funding for school choice? What are other ways to advocate for school choice?

• Learn about 5 reasons why millennials will bend the arc of public education. 

Millennials may loathe diamonds and scorn grocery shopping, but there’s at least one thing they seem to like: school choice.

According to recent polls, adults who were born between 1981 and 1996 tend to think favorably about charter schools, vouchers, and other types of education options for parents and students. That could be because millennials were raised in an era saturated with choices, from ride-sharing apps to online shopping retailers to music streaming services.

That was the theory posed by a panel discussion Wednesday at South by Southwest Education called “Millennials Matter: Ed Reformers Need to Hear Us.” The panel was presented by the nonprofit advocacy group EdChoice and moderated by The 74 Senior Editor Emmeline Zhao, and it included panelists Mendell Grinter of the Campaign for School Equity, Lalla Morris of Families Empowered, and Evy Valencia Jackson of EVJ Consulting.

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