There has been a lot of attention lately to the good, the bad, and the ins and outs of philanthropic giving.

Some see philanthropy as just another way to perpetuate inequality and class privilege. Others recognize the power of philanthropy to help others in need, flex our altruistic muscles, change public policy, and address structural racism.

As nonprofit leaders, we take a nuanced view. Like many, we are skeptical about using philanthropy for self-aggrandizement or to endow a chair at an elite school. On the other hand, we recognize the power of philanthropy to get more kids into preschool, address climate change, increase voter turnout, make the tax code more progressive, and so much more.

At a time when Black women and Black communities are facing savage inequalities—a growing racial wealth divide, poor health and educational outcomes, and local environmental degradation—we must use all of the tools at our disposal to get ahead.

We’re eager to:

  • Celebrate Black women’s philanthropy
  • Direct our capital to the causes that need it most
  • Leverage our giving to build a better world

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