More than 200 customer-facing nonprofit feedback partners are participating in Shared Insight’s signature initiative, Listen for Good (L4G). Since 2016, L4G has supported organizations in building the practice of listening to the people they seek to help by implementing a five-step feedback process designed to ensure high-quality feedback loops that lead to meaningful change.

Our evaluation partner, ORS Impact, has been assessing the effectiveness of the L4G initiative since it began in 2016. In ORS’s evaluation of our 2016 and 2017 L4G grantees (112 organizations), we learned that:

  • Organizations saw statistically significant rates of improvement in their ability to implement feedback loops (defined as systematically listening to the people they seek to help and acting on what they hear).
  • Nearly half of program managers report at 24 months having gained insights about issues such as clients’ needs and satisfaction, which provide a balanced mix of new information and confirmation of prior beliefs.
  • There is growing evidence that L4G advances organizations’ equity, diversity, and inclusion work by providing clients a seat at the table at various stages of the decision-making process and allowing them to shape the services that benefit their communities.
  • Nearly eight out of 10 organizations are translating insights from feedback into changes to better serve clients. Among those:
    • Sixty-three percent are making changes to program offerings;
    • Forty-five percent are making changes to operations;
    • Thirty-seven percent are making changes to staff-client interactions; and
    • Thirty-one percent are offering new services.

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