In a world rife with pressing problems, we have the capacity to make a difference through how we choose to put the resources we hold to use. But why is it so difficult to figure out the best way to do that? Like many, in my own journey toward being a smarter and savvier donor, I’ve wrestled with a number of seemingly basic but actually quite complex questions. Questions like:

How much do I give?

Where should I give?

How do I know if I’m making a difference — or if I’m actually doing more harm than help?

Personally, I want to put my money where my mouth is. I want to know whether I’m giving enough and in the best ways possible to make a difference. And I want you to join me in working toward this goal.

That’s why I’m excited to share today that this fall CEP is launching a new podcast: Giving Done Right. Co-hosted by CEP President Phil Buchanan and myself, the show covers everything you need to know to make an impact with your charitable giving — whether you’re giving a few hundred dollars a year, a few thousand, or a few million.

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