Thanks to the digital age, we live in a new era of storytelling.

Whether through blogs, emails, social media, or video, using stories to highlight an organization’s impact is an engaging way to invite people into the good work being done. From the complexities of social issues to the benefits and downsides of nuanced solutions, great stories not only inspire, but educate.

Stories have the power to show someone a mirror-image of their best self. To encourage people to hold on when going through difficult times. And to inspire others to act. Stories change our world.

At Ethical Storytelling, we are a community of practitioners engaging the messy yet beautiful conversation around storytelling in the social impact space. We believe people’s stories are more than emotion-generating machines. That story consumers are more than guzzlers of emotion. And that stories should always be constituent first, donor or funder second. We aspire to tell stories that are truthful, nuanced, educational, and empowering. Not just for branding, but because stories shape our humanity and our world.

This pledge is an aim to focus on the HOW, not just the WHAT, of the stories we encounter in the work we do.

Read the full ethical storytelling pledge at The Center for Effective Philanthropy.