The Women’s Philanthropy Institute (WPI) today released Women Give 2022: Racial Justice, Gender and Generosity, a new report exploring how gender and demographic factors affected giving to racial justice causes in 2020 (such as Black Lives Matter, Say Her Name).The report finds that a significant portion of the population (42.0%) and nearly half of single women (48.2%) supported the 2020 racial justice protests, but a smaller portion of the population (14.2%) actually donated money in support of racial justice.

Women Give 2022, which is funded by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is the first study to explore attitudes toward the 2020 racial justice movement through a gender lens, examining who is giving, how much, and how that generosity relates to various demographic variables. The report finds that single women, Black households, LGBTQ+ households, and younger households demonstrated greater levels of support for the 2020 racial justice protests and were more likely to give money to these organizations.

“This report responds to a moment in time when many leaders and organizations made impressive commitments to advance racial justice. Women Give 2022 underscores the importance of moving people who broadly support these issues into action. Fundraisers and nonprofit leaders can use this research to better engage donors interested in racial equity. Likewise, donors can leverage the findings to refine their personal giving strategies,” said Jeannie Sager, Director of the Women’s Philanthropy Institute, a part of the Indiana University School of Philanthropy.