This piece is also featured as one of the "Impact Giving Classics", curated by Stanford PACS.

Our sixth-annual High Impact Giving Guide is designed to help donors make a bigger difference with their philanthropic gifts. We’ve reviewed dozens of effective approaches and handpicked 11 distinct opportunities that you can act on immediately. This year, we’ve organized opportunities to illustrate how donors can address the range of risks human beings face, from their earliest days on earth to adulthood. We’ve also included our updated Disaster Relief guide. There are all sorts of natural and man-made disasters calling for aid, but different crises have different needs. Only one thing is certain: The needs remain long after the initial media attention has faded.

Don’t forget to check out our tips on how to create greater social impact, no matter the cause or nonprofit you choose; ways to avoid fraud; and additional resources for identifying nonprofits to support.

On behalf of our team, we hope this guide helps you translate your generosity and good intentions into high impact.

-Katherina Rosqueta
Founding Executive Director

Download the full 2016 High Impact Giving Guide here.