People experiencing homelessness may face a multitude of barriers to getting vaccinated. Challenges can range from inability to stay in one place for a long time to medical stigma against homelessness.

The Alliance’s Actionable Research on COVID-19 and Homelessness webinar discusses research and potential solutions to vaccination access. It includes information about a 2021 study conducted by the Benioff Homeless and Housing Initiative (BHHI). Researchers found that mobile vaccinations sites could significantly increase vaccination rates among people experiencing homelessness.

While the findings are limited to a specific community, it signifies that people experiencing homelessness are interested and will utilize vaccination and testing services. However, efforts are needed to make these services more accessible.

The BHHI study recommended the following strategies to improve accessibility:

  • Partnering with members of communities such as community health outreach workers to build trust
  • Training outreach workers to be well-informed and provide consistent messaging
  • Providing transparent and plentiful data around vaccine effectiveness, symptoms, and safety to build credibility

Read the full article about getting people experiencing homelessness vaccinated by Julie Pagaduan at National Alliance to End Homelessness.