A new report issued by the National Alliance to End Homelessness examines challenges confronting frontline homeless service providers during the COVID19 pandemic. The report’s findings are based on a survey of nearly 800 homeless service providers, system leaders, funders, and people with lived experience on community needs.

Among the report’s most critical findings: homeless service providers and system leaders urgently need state and local leadership to protect people experiencing homelessness.

Some states and localities are rising to this challenge, providing their leadership and resources to ensure that people experiencing homelessness remain safe.  It is clear, however, that more help is needed.

What can state and local leaders to do protect people experiencing homelessness from acquiring or transmitting COVID19?
  • Move as many people out of homelessness and into permanent housing as quickly as possible to keep them safe.
  • Ensure safe temporary housing (hotels/motels) is available to everyone who requires it and is consistent with CDC guidance to prevent the spread of COVID19.
  • Promote the health and safety of unsheltered people while quickly transitioning them to temporary or permanent housing.
What can state and local leaders do to prevent homelessness and increased risk of COVID19 transmission?
  • Dedicate funding to support formerly homeless individuals and families receiving temporary and permanent rental assistance and case management support (e.g. Rapid Re-housing and Permanent Supportive Housing) so they can sustain housing and avoid a return to homelessness.
  • Prevent housing loss and shelter/unsheltered homelessness for people impacted by COVID19.

Read the full article about protecting homeless people from COVID-19 at The National Alliance to End Homelessness.