Having a philanthropic strategy is great, but translating your strategy into impact requires thoughtful implementation. Here are our top choices to help you on your way.

  • Due Diligence Done Well: A Guide For Grantmakers - With origins in the world of business and finance, the term “due diligence” refers to the process through which an investor (or grantmaker) learns more about an organization’s financial and organizational health to guide an investment (or grantmaking) decision. For a grantmaker, the decision to invest is based on a balance of strategic fit with the grantmaker’s mission and priorities, objective data analysis, insight into the general state of the nonprofit’s health and stability, and intuition based on grantmaker experience.  Medium read (takes about 30 minutes, and can read on the go as a PDF)
  • A Guide to Collaborative Philanthropy - Many hands make for lighter work...and greater impact. That’s why San Diego Grantmakers (SDG) helps funders work together and with other stakeholders to address important community issues. Whether they’re engaged in shared learning or combining resources for ac on, SDG provides the support and facilitation necessary to make collaborative work possible. Medium read (takes about 30 minutes, and can read on the go as a PDF)