After nearly 30 years of continuous improvement, Wilburforce Foundation now earns the highest marks we’ve ever seen on the Center for Effective Philanthropy's Grantee Perception Report (GPR). How did they get there?

Wilburforce’s secret sauce is its rigorous, through-thick-and-thin approach to helping its grantees build their organizational strength and performance. The foundation decided to build sophisticated organization-building capacity in an external consulting firm to give grantees the full ability to open up about their challenges. And it has paid off, in major conservation victories in Wilburforce's priority areas in the Pacific Northwest and in those off-the-charts GPR marks.

Letwin and Wilburforce have enormous challenges ahead. But addressing them—in a way that combines heart and head, science and passion—has given Letwin her life calling.

The work is very stressful, and I lose sleep over it...But it never feels like a burden. It’s all opportunity. As a child, I never believed I’d ever be doing these things…. It just seems impossible for a poor kid from southern Indiana.

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