Since you're at GivingCompass, you're more than likely familiar with the Raikes Foundation. And you might even know a little something about Tricia and Jeff Raikes’s drive to help institutions that serve young people—particularly those who have been underserved.

What you probably haven’t heard is their story.

What was the spark that led them to their philanthropic focus? What awakened them to the inequalities of race, wealth, and privilege? What is their “growth mindset” and how did it come to define the very core of their foundation?

The latest Leap Ambassadors Funding Performance profile shares a candid look at the formative years of Tricia and Jeff Raikes’s philanthropy and how their growth mindset has shaped its evolution.

Carve out some time to read their story—we’re certain it will surprise...move...and inspire you to embrace your growth mindset.

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