The idea of creating a donor legacy video might be a bit intimidating—especially if you don’t have video production experience. Trust me: you don’t have to be Steven Spielberg to make a great donor legacy video. Now that our project is done, I have a few suggestions and lessons learned to share with other families. Here is my list of seven tips for creating your own donor legacy video:

  • Know your audience.  Who will watch the video?  What is the purpose of watching it?  How long (or short) should it be?
  • Map the elements of the story you want to tell. What do you want people to know about your foundation and family?
  • Decide who to talk to and what they’ll add to the story. Who are the best people to interview who can help tell your story?  And where will you go to interview them?
  • Hire a production firm you can trust. What type of professional experience and videography style are you looking for?
  • Be realistic about the time and money it will take to plan and execute your project. How much time do you have to plan and execute your project?  What is your budget?  Is there wiggle room in your timeline and budget if things don’t go exactly as planned?
  • Plan for how to share your video. How will you use the video:  as an introduction to your foundation on your website; as an orientation piece for new trustees and advisors; as a time capsule in the annals of the foundation?
  • Thank your participants… and your viewers! A thank you letter to your participants goes a long way.  And if your video is meant to inspire action – such as recruiting new members to your board – thanking your audience is an important touch point as well!

Read the full article about tips for legacy videos by Kelly Medinger at the National Center for Family Philanthropy.