We share a dream of a just and thriving future for everyone in our communities; one that celebrates our diversities of race, ethnicity, religion and other identities. That future is possible, but is increasingly in peril.

To reach it, funders have a unique opportunity to confront the demonization and criminalization of immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees. Funders also need to invest in the transformational power of these communities alongside people of color, women and girls, LGBTQI and other marginalized people.

Immigrants’ cultures, histories, talents and perspectives helped form this nation and continue to shape and strengthen it today.

For decades, a campaign of racism and fearmongering against immigrants coupled with a tepid response from much of the civil society sector has been weighing down our country.

Pro-immigrant, refugee and asylum seeker movements are at the front lines of responding to this crisis as families are plunged into poverty, mental health needs skyrocket and community stability is put into peril. As these organizations are responding to the moment, they are also growing in strength and number to counter this hatred, repair the hole that has been ripped in the fabric of our society and continue our shared journey of creating a new, more equitable America.

With the right resources, the pro-immigrant and refugee movement can fight back, amplifying the power of the most impacted communities through crisis response, advocacy, organizing and civic participation, and move us toward a better future.

Through NCRP’s new Movement Investment Project, beginning with the State of Foundation Funding for the Pro Immigrant Movement brief, we’re providing funders and donors with actionable insights and recommendations for how they can invest in social justice movements and the future that we hope to achieve.

Read the full article about investing in the pro-immigrant movement by Aaron Dorfman and Cristina Jiménez at National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy.