The 10th edition of the India Philanthropy Report 2020 - Investing in India’s most vulnerable to advance the 2030 agenda to action - developed in collaboration with Bain & Company, focuses on the need and opportunity to invest in India’s most vulnerable and showcases relevant case studies of systems solutions that could inspire such action.

The India Philanthropy Report in its 10th edition finds that philanthropic funding has been steadily increasing in India and has begun moving to a bolder and more structured approach with support from a stronger and more diversified ecosystem. However, the report elaborates that while averages for multiple development outcomes improved over the last decade, but progress has been inequitable in India.

The report focuses on the vulnerabilities that remain despite a rapidly expanding philanthropic space and classifies vulnerable segments by geography, population and sector. Within these segments, the report identifies existing need and evaluates how and why they present a good opportunity for philanthropic funding.

To keep its promise of achieving sustainable development for all by 2030, India urgently needs to focus on its most critical and underserved needs. Systems solutions offers a promising approach for philanthropy to give in a manner that is bold, outcome-led, and most importantly, catalytic for India’s development. The report showcases case studies of systems solutions from the Indian context.

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