Here's what we're reading this week about youth and young adults.

Rural teens experience homelessness
NPR reports on Chapin Hall’s latest research revealing that youth in rural counties experience homelessness at the same rate as youth in major metropolitan areas.

Where support for college students is ‘high-tech, high-touch’
Can predictive analytics give colleges a heads up on which students are likely to struggle? Florida International University is piloting a program that does just that and connecting students with support they need.

Inequality persists as costs increase at public colleges 
New findings from New America show that the cost of public college is increasing and preventing low-income students from accessing higher education.

The opioid crisis took their parents, now foster kids left behind are being failed again 
The Hechinger Report finds that students in the child welfare system due to the opioid epidemic are falling behind in school.

'America to me’: What did the students think? 
The New York Times interview students from the docu-series “America to Me,” which examined the racial inequalities in two high schools in suburban Chicago.