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Why Districts Spend Millions to Keep Homeless Students in Place: ‘Changing Schools is the Last Thing We Want’
Studies show that providing stability to homeless students by facilitating transportation to and from school boosts attendance rates, academic performance, and graduation rates.

We Can Challenge Systemic Racism One School District At A Time
Jeff Raikes writes that if our nation’s leaders are truly committed to delivering public education where every child has the resources they need to succeed, they should propose education budgets that reflect that reflect their campaign promises.

Equalizing School Spending Boosts Lifelong Income
Research by Barbara Biasi, an economics professor at the Yale School of Management, shows that closing the gap in education funding between rich and poor school districts could increase economic mobility for students from low-income communities.

Charters and District Schools Share Strategies on Getting Low-Income Students Through College, Putting Uneasiness Aside
An excerpt from a new book by Richard Whitmire, The B.A. Breakthrough: How Ending Diploma Disparities Can Change the Face of America, tells the story of a pilot college success collaboration between local KIPP Charter Schools and the San Antonio Independent School District.