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Experts say psychological impact of family separation on par with abuse
The Trump administration’s family separation policy has the potential to trigger intense psychological trauma for children, regardless of how well they’re cared for.

Former secretary of education John King on why colleges need to support student activism
Writing for Teen Vogue, former Education Secretary John King underscores the importance of instilling a sense of civic duty in students.

Discounted phones save lives of homeless LGBT teens — now they might be taken away 
Federal Communications Commission Jessica Rosenworcel criticizes the FCC for cutting funding for the Lifeline, a program that provides cell phones to low-income individuals in need. Slashing funding for the program would disproportionately harm LGBT youth, who are more likely to experience homelessness than their peers.

'It's like a black and white thing': How some elite charter schools exclude minorities 
NBC News, in partnership with The Hechinger Report, analyzes the causes of extreme segregation in charter schools across the country.