Giving Compass' Take:

• In this story, Causeartist gives advice on how people can find jobs with greater social impact.

• Given that workers are valuing the social impact of their work now more than ever, how can businesses use their social value to appeal to potential employees?

• To learn more about how most people would trade a significant part of their salary for more meaningful work, click here.

More people than ever are interested in finding careers that contribute to the greater good. In fact, Deloitte recently published its Human Capital Trends report which shows that 77% of workers are expecting their companies to increase their social impact.

This means two things if you’re looking to find a corporate responsibility or sustainability career: First, there will be more opportunities, but not where you might expect them. And second, there will be more competition for those jobs.

[Follow these tips to] find more fulfilling work in a career path that will make the world better.

  1. Decide on the type of work you want to keep doing
  2. Focus on finding work that will be fulfilling
  3. Shortlist the causes you want to impact
  4. Choose the type of organization you want to work in
  5. Identify workplace environments that will excite you
  6. Find your ideal organizations
  7. Build the skills you need to earn a job
  8. Get experience to make your profile standout
  9. Build the RIGHT network
  10. Fine-tune your resume and LinkedIn profile
  11. Ace the interview and negotiation

Navigating a career change in the social impact sector is hard work, so don’t go at it alone. Use your friends, a mentor, and your social network for help.

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