I have been having so much fun making the rounds of social change, philanthropy and nonprofit-related podcasts. Many amazing podcast hosts have generously invited me on their shows to talk about my new book Reinventing Social Change: Embrace Abundance to Create a Healthier and More Equitable World and how the way we do social change is broken.

If you haven’t already listened, here are a few podcast episodes that I particularly enjoyed. You can see a longer list of where I’ve been out and about at my Media page.

I hope you’ll take a listen to some of these great conversations.

  • Nonprofit Lowdown In the Nonprofit Lowdown podcast, host Rhea Wong reviews and recommends the best ideas, resources, tools, tricks, and tips to run your nonprofit like a pro.
  • Giving Thought Podcast The Giving Thought Podcast explores trends in global philanthropy and civil society and is recognised as an insightful and influential source of philanthropic debate.
  • 2 Pages with Michael Bungay Stanier 2 Pages with MBS is where brilliant people read the best two pages of a favorite book …a book that’s shaped them and changed them.
  • The Switch The Switch podcast illuminates talent management best practices for social impact organizations. In this episode, host Patty Hampton talks with Nell about her new book Reinventing Social Change, as well as her views & insights on the social sector as a whole.

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