TC Caldwell of The Knights and Orchids Society on how the fight for bodily autonomy and self-determination doesn’t stop or start with Roe: “Our work doesn’t stop or start with these bills or Roe. It’s business as usual. Because our people don’t stop or start with these bills and this ruling.”

While many perceive Roe v. Wade as a fortress that has kept abortion safe, legal, and accessible, Roe never granted full protection or access to abortion for LGBTQ, BIPOC, low-income, disabled, rural, or migrant communities. However, striking down Roe will have continued and devastating consequences for these communities, including increased surveillance, incarceration, suicide, and deepened and enshrined economic injustice. Non-binary and trans folks, who greatly rely on reproductive health providers for health care, will face increased barriers to gender-affirming care and broader LGTBQ rights will be at risk, since the liberty and privacy rights established in Roe served as the foundation for landmark civil rights cases, including Obergefell v Hodges, which established marriage equality as a constitutional right.

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