Kat Sánchez shares the impact of Bold Futures NM’s work for bodily autonomy and self-determination: “In New Mexico, we are already absorbing many people who are coming here for access, for abortion care. In different forms. And with Texas next door, being so incredibly criminalizing to people in different ways, including gender-affirming care…”

We cannot afford to view this attack on abortion access in a vacuum. This draft decision is only the most recent action in the right’s continued attempt to limit the bodily autonomy of cis-women, and trans and gender non-conforming people; economically devastate communities of color, gut voting rights; and criminalize Black, migrant, disabled, poor, and trans people. Simply put, this decision is the latest in a string of tactics aimed at   securing the far-right’s minority power.

When we fight back by funding intersectionally, we support organizing that fights for abortion access as part of the struggle for disability justice, racial and economic justice, and trans liberation. 

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