Giving Compass' Take:

• Adam Bellefontaine discusses how tech is pushing philanthropy forward and driving progress in creating sustainable impact. 

• What are the challenges with online donations and platforms? Are they taking away interpersonal communication in philanthropy?  

• Learn more about the relationship between technology and philanthropy.

The philanthropic efforts of an individual or business can truly define character. For those looking to do so, understanding advancements in this field is crucial, specifically, the increased role technology has had within the industry and its monumental impact in the past decade.

With all the benefits that come with online donations and technological advancements in this field, it’s important to remember just how valuable face-to-face interaction is.

For example, more people donate online now than they ever have, with $233 million being given through non-profit websites over the internet.

Social media provides donors with much more creative outlets, where they can design creative posts for increased awareness, engagement, and, hopefully, donations.

Reporting, documentation, and actually developing these metrics can add up, but modern philanthropists seem to understand and accept this notion. For a better understanding of how exactly a donation is spent, the overhead may be worth it.

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