On this Giving Tuesday, as I think about how I can be a better donor in the closing month of a year that’s been challenging unlike any other, I’ve been reflecting a lot on what I learned from the inspirational guests my co-host Phil Buchanan and I interviewed this season on CEP’s Giving Done Right podcast. In particular, I’ve found myself coming back to a certain point in each episode.

At the end of every conversation on the show, Phil or I pose a prompt to our guest: “Giving done right to me is about (fill in the blank).” Below, I share what we heard from our guests in the hope that these insights might also help you to figure out how you can make the greatest impact with your charitable giving in a time when nonprofits need support most.

Quotes have been copyedited for print.

Jacqueline Martinez Garcel (CEO of the Latino Community Foundation): Giving done right to me is about investing in people and leaders. It’s putting our resources behind the folks who will go the long run, who will stay the course, and who will lift others up as they rise. Philanthropic giving should really be about investing in the hearts and minds of the leaders that we want to see for our country and our communities.

Jason Hackmann (entrepreneur and major donor): Giving done right to me is about doing it authentically, out of love, and not expecting or wanting to receive anything back.

LaTosha Brown (co-founder of Black Voters Matter): Giving done right to me is about listening and following the directions and the vision of those that you give to, those that you seek to empower.

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