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Giving Compass is a philanthropy knowledge hub helping you learn, connect, and take action.

How can we give better? There is no single answer as there are many ways to define impact.
But we believe that if we take the time to do some comparative research and learning, and we join with others who share our interests, we can drive meaningful change.

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give us five and become an impact giver

If you flex this muscle just 5 minutes per week, you will be driving more impact with your generosity, and you will find the exponential joy in giving. If you invest just 5 minutes per week to learn, connect, and take action, you will achieve 2x the average time spent on research by most individual donors in the US and you will be on your way to becoming an impact giver.

the path for giving with impact

understanding impact-driven philanthropy


Guided by clear goals and strong values, impact-driven philanthropists have a passion for solving problems and a commitment to partnering with the people closest to the problems we aim to solve.

While each person’s journey is different, certain core beliefs can guide us to discover the strategies and solutions that will allow us to do the most good for the causes we care about. In an effort to provide further guidance for how philanthropists might do the most good with their assets, we offer a set of principles and practices that flow from these three core beliefs.

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inspired by a partnership in giving


Giving Compass was inspired by Jeff and Tricia Raikes, Co-Founders of the Raikes Foundation. They were enthusiastic about learning how to take their generosity to the next level but found it difficult to find targeted resources to guide their strategic giving.

In their journey, they learned that other donors faced similar challenges. Giving Compass was created to address this opportunity, in collaboration with leading philanthropic organizations.

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Stephanie Gillis Interim CEO
Jina Heverley Managing Director & General Manager
Jen Jope Editor in Chief
Paul Shoemaker Strategic Alliances

advisory board

Jeff & Tricia Raikesco-founders
Cindy Mercerco-founder
Larry Leibowitzco-founder
Luis j Salazarco-founder
Mickie Rosen
Bill Shaughnessy
Kathleen Hebert
Stanford PACS