As we emerge from the pandemic, we still face an existing and long-standing crisis -- the effects of climate change on our planet. As Earth Day approaches, we must consider restorative changes to prepare for the future. 

In the U.S., there were 22 billion-dollar weather and climate disasters in 2020, according to the NOAA, which impacted millions of Americans, particularly in low-income communities of color.  This past February, climate extremes left millions of Texans without power or clean water in harsh temperatures. Climate change not only threatens human lives but also causes biodiversity loss

This year, Earth Day reminds us that we have the opportunity to use our collective power to address our planet’s challenges and restore our earth.  Understanding more about these issues and taking action now, and collectively, can help mitigate the damage for future generations.

Learn About Restoration and Climate Change Issues

Our House is Still on Fire: Stay the Course to Support Planetary Health
Milken Institute Center for Strategic Philanthropy
As we all consider how to respond to the pandemic and its aftermath, it is critically important to stay the course when it comes to ongoing environmental crises. Learn where philanthropy has an opportunity to support the conservation community.

To Save Threatened Plants And Animals, Restore Habitat On Farms, Ranches, And Other Working Lands
The Conversation
This research reveals how restoring habitat on working lands can save threatened wildlife and advance progress on the SDGs.

Meet Farmers Addressing Climate Change Through Regenerative Farming
YES! Magazine
Discover how this small coalition of farmers is working together to mitigate the effects of climate change on their livelihoods by utilizing regenerative farming practices. 

Watershed Restoration To Protect Rural Communities
Understand how watershed restoration techniques can help protect rural communities in Nicaragua from the impacts of climate change and environmental degradation. 

Five Lessons in Climate Justice in the Time of COVID
The Rockefeller Foundation
While COVID-19 is a multi-layered crisis, it also holds the potential for the world to move forward into a more equitable and green recovery.

Take Action on Environmental Restoration

1% for the Planet: New Giving Circle Expands Efforts to Democratize and Diversify Environmental Philanthropy
Philanthropy Together - 1% For the Planet
Join this giving circle network that consists of more than 4,000 members who commit 1% of their revenue or income to support on-the-ground environmental organizations. 

Environmental Issues Guide
Giving Compass
This guide of high-quality curated resources explains how funders can get involved in maintaining a healthy planet.

Environmental Philanthropy Resources
Giving Compass
Browse Stanford PACS’ Philanthropy Resource Directory to find organizations that support high net worth donors who are focused on climate change.

Global Greengrants Fund
Global Greengrants Fund
This environmental fund supports grassroots action on a global scale and invests in local leaders to protect the environment. 

The Solutions Project Fund
Solutions Project
The Solutions Project Fund is responding to the disproportionate impacts of COVID-19, police brutality, economic depression, pollution, and climate change on communities of color and working-class communities.

Special Coverage: Climate Justice 
Giving Compass
Check out Giving Compass’ special coverage on Climate Justice, which provides an overview of resources, organizations, articles, and more to help donors understand the issues.