Racial equity is a core piece of social change, but in order to make progress, philanthropy must look inward and adjust to imbalances. Despite more calls for diversity in the nonprofit sector, a recent Boardsource study revealed that 90 percent of all nonprofit CEOs are white, as are 84 percent of board members. And according to New Profit, who commissioned an independent analysis of the philanthropic capital market in 2018, diverse-led organizations receive just 4 percent of total grants and contributions. An estimated additional $22 billion in grants and contributions is required to be commensurate with their representation in the sector.

By supporting more people of color in leadership roles, donors and the nonprofit sector can gain a deeper understanding of the challenges communities of colors face. It’s an opportunity to work together to find viable solutions. Here we highlight the ways donors can support racial equity work now and in the future.


What Grantmaking for Racial Equity Really Means
Philanthropy News Digest
What are the differences between racial equity and racial justice? Find the answer plus more from the Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity (PRE).

Addressing Racial Equity is Essential to Preventing and Ending Homelessness
The Raikes Foundation
A disproportionate number of people of color represent the homeless population in the United States. Learn how funders can use an equity-based lens and systems change approach to address this issue.

The Role of Senior Leaders in Building a Race Equity Culture
The Bridgespan Group
Senior leaders in the social sector can play critical roles in advancing race equity and social impact through basic practices such as listening, learning and reflecting.


When it Comes to Best Practices For Philanthropy, We Know What Works
Edgar Villanueva
Philanthropy can perpetuate the harm it seeks to alleviate, but there are models that are working. Connect with three funds that are on the right track.

Cross-Sector Collaboration is Necessary to Address Structural Racism
Philanthropy News Digest
The author argues that public-private collaboration is needed to break down the barriers of structural racism or society and the economy will suffer.

Moving to Racial Equity and Inclusion at the Center
Nonprofit Quarterly
Racial equity requires aligned action. This collaborative of foundations and financial institutions shares the steps it took to achieve cohesion.


The Playbook for Building a Diverse Workforce
Unlikely Duos: Giving Compass
Management Leadership for Tomorrow is addressing racial equity by coaching students of color into leadership positions from college and beyond. Learn how you can help advance these opportunities for young people.

Addressing Racial Equity in Philanthropy Through Incremental Changes
National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy
New internal practices that create trust with grantees is essential to racial equity work. It requires incremental steps and ongoing dialogue.

Rapid Response Fund for Movement Building
The fund builds the political power and voice of low-income communities and people of color by providing resources to respond in a timely manner to unanticipated, but critical opportunities or challenges to advance racial and economic equity in the Bay Area.

Emergent Fund
The Emergent Fund provides rapid response funding to grassroots organizations in communities of color that are facing injustice based on racial, ethnic, religious and other forms of discrimination.