For donors who are new to the space or who are interested in reorienting themselves to the issue of homelessness, this article provides the basic information you need before moving on to more specific information and action items. The following resources can help you find your footing.

Homelessness: What To Know And How To Help
Giving Compass

This article will help you differentiate between fact and fiction about homelessness. It will orient you to the basics of homelessness including strategies for addressing the issue and major players in the field.

Key takeaway: Homelessness impacts people of all backgrounds and in all regions but the reasons for homelessness are varied.

5 Takeaways From HUD’s 2018 Homeless Count
National Alliance to End Homelessness

Once you’ve got the basics down, its a good time to take a look at the most recent data and understand what the landscape of homelessness looks like in the United States right now. Perspective is key in maintaining focus and optimism for this issue. Grounding your work in data can help you see your progress and identify gaps.

Key takeaway: Homelessness is in decline thanks to the hard work of communities across the countries.

Learn The Facts Of Homelessness In The U.S. With These Data Visualizations
Fast Company

Use these visualizations to learn why homelessness occurs and to formulate solutions that match the unique demands of local situations.

Key takeaway: Homelessness is everywhere, but it isn’t the same everywhere.

We recommend that you make your way through each section of this magazine, finding the information most relevant to you in each article to build a complete understanding of the issue and help you find your approach to funding homelessness.

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