All of our recommended nonprofits are pivoting rapidly and taking exemplary steps to safeguard their staffs during the crisis. And many of them are putting specific programs in place that will fight COVID-19’s devastating impact among their beneficiaries and ensure safe delivery of their basic programs.

Development Media International: The main aim is to help health ministries to reach communities with key messages relating to COVID-19, using our existing relationships with radio stations as well as our ability to rapidly produce high-quality radio spots.

Sanku/Project Healthy Children: While this shutdown is slowing the social enterprise sector’s ability to deliver impact, Sanku has mobilized operations to deliver the basic human right of nutrition and has taken actions to ensure the fortified food supply chain is not disrupted.

GiveDirectly: As the pandemic hits and governments impose lockdowns to try to limit its spread, many will suddenly be unable to continue earning a living. Few will have the financial resources to weather this storm, let alone provide care if a family member falls ill. To make matters worse, traditional aid programs that rely on face-to-face interaction may need to scale back at the same time. This is the moment for digital cash transfers.

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