Mental Health

On this page, you'll find hand-picked information about those most affected by mental health challenges and vetted organizations to support. [Note: Organizations are sourced through trusted partners and networks that align with our core tenets. Read our vetting criteria.]

Philanthropy and Mental Health

Philanthropy can step up to address mental health needs. These resources provide a roadmap for making an impact.

Mental Health Awareness Month 2024

In May, the United States recognizes Mental Health Awareness month. This is a perfect time to gain a deeper understanding of how our environment impacts mental health. Stable housing, healthy surroundings, and access to the outdoors all affect our mental health. Below are resources to learn about the issue and how to invest in solutions that support positive mental health trajectories.

Youth Mental Health

From increased isolation to learning loss, the pandemic's impact on young people can't be overlooked if we want them to thrive in the future. Discover how to invest in services for youth experiencing mental health challenges at various stages of their lives.

Mental Health & COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a significant factor for mental health deterioration across age, ethnic, and racial groups. Learn about the opportunities for donors to engage in solutions.

Who Are the Affected Populations?

While we've all likely felt some impact on our mental health, certain populations have been disproportionately affected. Learn more about these challenges, tailored solutions, and how you can help.


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